Recent Past Projects


Humdingers provided Cabaret singing performances for senior citizen centers and nursing homes. The JLMN’s longest standing project, the Humdingers entertained and brightened the lives of nursing home residents through musical performances. This talented group of women performed a choreographed musical show to brighten the lives of nursing home residents and other senior groups.

Kids on the Block

Puppeteers used colorful, kid-sized hand and rod puppets to perform sketches for second graders at local elementary schools. They used a Japanese style of puppetry called Bunraku. The skits addressed bullying, children with disabilities and healthy lifestyles. Kids on the Block developed the programs in a manner designed to address children's questions, concerns and needs in a lively and engaging manner. In each program, the puppets discussed their differences or social concerns candidly through entertaining skits, followed by a discussion period between the puppets and the children in the audience. The JLMN performed the puppet programs at schools in Montclair, Newark and surrounding towns from 1984 - 2013.