Past Leaders

The Junior League of Montclair-Newark, Inc. has been successful as a result of the excellence in leadership demonstrated since its inception. The JLMN prides itself on the ability to select leaders who continue to move the League forward and meet the continuing challenges of the community. The Past Presidents and Charter Members are recognized for contributing to our rich history of outstanding leadership in voluntarism.


Presidents of the Junior League of Montclair

1920-1922   Sabra Bradlee

1922-1924   Marjory Bryan

1924-1926   Marion Stoker

1926-1928   Kathleen O’Connor

1928-1930   Louise Sanders

1930-1932   Louise Bethell

1932-1934   Dorothy Wight

1934-1936   Mary Penick Weil

1936-1938   Ruth Krayer

1938-1940   Janet Goodwillie

1940-1942   Emily Rudd

1942-1944   Grace Fisk

1944-1945   Aileen Turnbull

1945-1946   Edith Sargent

1946-1948   Patricia Cole

1948-1950   Elizabeth Minard

1950-1952   Louise Tiernan

1952-1954   Hildegarde Hennington

1954-1956   Elizabeth DeBevoise

1956-1958   Elizabeth Dixon

1958-1960   Marilou Hamer

1960-1962   Barbara Malcolm

1962-1964   Marion Frederick

1964-1966   Ann Balmos Maude

1966-1968   Mary Blakney

1968-1970   Audrey McBratney

1970-1972   Corinne Driver

1972-1974   Emer Featherstone

Presidents of the Junior League of Newark

1927-1928   Isabelle Young

1928-1930   Katherine Van Deuren Everett

1930-1932   Joan Rock

1932-1934   Mary Barker Tait

1934-1936   Elizabeth Goss

1936-1938   Elizabeth Smith

1938-1940   Alice Miller Henry

1940-1942   Helen Ill

1942-1944   Gertrude Dumper

1944-1946   Mary Tait

1946-1948   Clair Yates

1948-1950   Evelyn McShane

1950-1952   Virginia Flick

1952-1954   Beatrice Bowie

1954-1956   Jeanne Layng

1956-1958   Harriet Koenig

1958-1960   Patricia Johnson

1960-1962   Constance Cole

1962-1964   Barbara Shaeberle

1964-1966   Shirley Wittpenn

1966-1968   Beryl McPherson

1968-1970   Edith Walker

1970-1972   Nancy Bambara White

1972-1974   Jane Abrams

Presidents of the Junior League of Montclair-Newark, Inc.

1974-1976 Susan Ruddick

1976-1978 Barbara Hurley

1978-1980 Andree Bertsche

1980-1982 Susan Scheuermann

1982-1984 Linda Greenberg

1984-1986 Lissa Barrett

1986-1987 Patricia Roelke

1987-1988 Richmond Rabinowitz

1988-1989 Kathleen McDonough

1989-1990 Maura Doane Jacobs

1990-1991 Amy W. Burger

1991-1992 Cynthia Rogers

1992-1993 Sarah Stransky

1993-1994 Ellen LaBarbera

1994-1995 Marcia DeOteris

1995-1996 Marisabel R. Raymond

1996-1997 Kristine H. O’Connor

1997-1998 Shelley Phillips

1998-1999 Mary L. Johnson

1999-2000 Elizabeth Milke

2000-2001 Dede Horowicz

2001-2002 Mary Ann Lindholm

2002-2003 Barbara Casulli

2003-2004 Karen Turner

2004-2005 Tami Kinley

2005-2006 Kristen Terrio

2006-2007 Patricia Devine Harms

2007-2008 Bonnie Carter

2008-2009 Susan Fine

2009-2010 Marci Van Horn

2010-2011 Maggie O'Connor

2011-2012 Maggie O'Connor & Jessica Lane

2012-2013 Jessica Lane

2013-2014 Sandra Funk Levy

2014-2015 Charlene Davis Williams

2015-2016 Anne Baldwin

2016-2018 Lisa Iurato 

2018-2020 Stephanie Hutton

June 1, 2020 - May 4, 2022   Heather E.M. LeClair

May 4, 2022 - May 31, 2022 Conrhonda Baker

2022-2024 Maggie O'Connor

Charter Members of the Junior League of Montclair, Inc.

Miss Sabra Bradlee

Mrs Brantz M. Bryan (Marjorie Hanan)

Mrs. William P. Carter (Ruth Lamborn)

Miss Clarissa Collins

Mrs. Carlton W. Cox (Marion Lincoln)

Mrs. Douglas Crawford (Jean Turnbull)

Mrs. Donals Crowell (Doris Berry)

Miss Helen Durfey

Mrs. George Dick Finlay (Edith Christie)

Mrs. Frederic P. Fiske (Dorothy Harrison)

Mrs. Wilfred J. Funk (Eleanor Hawkins)

Miss Cora Gray

Miss Katherine Harrison

Mrs. Channing Lefebvre (Annette Parish)

Mrs. M. Scoville Martin (Helen Thomas)

Mrs. George F. Miller (Katherine Hutchinson)

Mrs. Burdett H. O’Connor (Kathleen McKeag)

Miss Francis Reis

Mrs. Cyril T. Staudinger (Elizabeth Thorne)

Mrs. Eleanor Halpin Stearns

Mrs. Harold Stoker (Marion Cox)

Miss Hayne Synott

Mrs. Newell E. Thomas (Mildred Torney)

Mrs. H. Russ Van Vleck (Mary Thomas)

Charter Members of the Junior League of Newark, Inc.

Margaret Wright-Clark (Mrs. Robertson Ward)

Mrs. Dray Hay

Elizabeth Heller (Mrs. George D. Smith)

Mrs. Charles Highley

Rosemary Miller (Mrs. Ned Tilt)

Betty Lamont (Mrs. Lamont Peterson)

Mrs. Plum Potter

Helen Stearly (Mrs. Frederic Alling)

Alice Young (Mrs. Richard Lindabury)

Mrs. Roger Young