Sustaining Members

The Junior League of Montclair Newark (JLMN) Sustainers is a group of community-minded women who have spent at least 9 years volunteering actively with the JLMN or have transferred in from other leagues. Sustainers apply their JLMN experiences in the community to demonstrate the power and effectiveness of trained volunteers.

It is unlikely to find a Sustaining Member resting on her laurels after transitioning from Active status, instead you will find her serving on the boards of community organizations, mentoring young women, participating in our schools, and even running for elected positions. While continuing to support her community, you will also find her maintaining social ties with other Sustaining members and being available to Active members for advice and support.

The partnership between Active and Sustaining Members is vital to the JLMN. The opportunity we have to share our knowledge and grow together across each category of membership is rare in the not-for-profit world. The passing down of our legacy of community involvement over years, indeed generations, is essential to the continuing success and effectiveness of the Junior League. This sense of history allows JLMN Sustainers to rightly be seen as pillars of our community.